What is a Cambro Container and Why is it Your Best Friend?

​Today, we’re shifting gears from the sizzling grills and bustling kitchens to talk about something that doesn’t get nearly enough credit – the Cambro container.

Named after the foodservice industry-leading brand Cambro, these containers are the secret sauce behind every well-organized commercial kitchen. Designed for durability, versatility, and maximum efficiency, Cambro containers are the silent workhorses that keep ingredients fresh, kitchens neat, and food delicious.

What is a Cambro Container, Anyway?

A Cambro container is part of a line of high-quality food storage containers from Cambro Manufacturing that have become a staple in commercial kitchens worldwide. These bad boys are designed to be durable, adaptable, and efficient, making them ideal for storing everything from fresh produce to sauces and dry ingredients.

Make Room Not War: Commercial Kitchen Storage Solutions

Let’s talk about how these Cambro containers can help you maximize your kitchen space. Thanks to their variety of consistent shapes and sizes, they’re stackable, allowing you to make the most of your storage areas. Plus, they come with colored lids and easy-to-read measurement graduations for easy food organization and at-a-glance inventory checks.

What really sets these translucent containers apart is their versatility. They hold all sorts of ingredients perfectly, from dry goods like brown sugar and grains to fresh fruits and veggies. And whether you’re storing hot soup or frozen berries, these containers have got you covered.

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CamSquares by Cambro®are versatile storage containers, part of the Camcrisper® line, provide a self-contained system for washing, draining, storing, and transporting bulk products. With their durable design and translucent lids, they ensure quick identification of contents, making them ideal for maintaining the freshness and cleanliness of vegetables before and after prep.

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CamWear by Cambro® offers a comprehensive system for washing, draining, storing, and transporting bulk food items. Their sturdy construction and transparent lids allow for easy and hygienic content identification. Use CamWear to enhance food safety and quality in your kitchen operations.

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Coldfest® containers are a cold storage solution to protect chilled food products. Featuring a non-toxic refrigerant gel and an impact-resistant shell, you can freeze upside down and keep your salad bar, condiments, and creamers at safe temperatures for use.

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Camcrisper® containers are self-contained systems for washing (and draining), storing, and transporting bulk products to eliminate unnecessary handling. Featuring translucent lids to quickly and hygienically identify contents, use them to keep vegetables clean and crisp before and after prep.

Cambro Code of Honor: Material Durability and Quality

Made from resilient BPA-free plastic, Cambro containers are built to last, making them a smart investment for any kitchen. 

Accidents happen, especially in tight kitchen spaces and during rushes. You can rest assured that even if you drop a container, it won’t crack or break. Plus, they’re designed to be dishwasher safe, ensuring a deep and thorough cleaning every time.

And to compliment your containers – whether you’re using the Ultra camtainers, the Basics Plus series, the Harbor collection, or the Shoreline collection – there’s also a line of high-heat camtensils you can use during service.

Size is the Law Out Here: Product Variety of Cambro Containers

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to food storage, and Cambro knows that. That’s why they offer a wide array of options to suit different needs. Whether you run a small cafe or a bustling restaurant, there’s a Cambro container that’s just right for you.

Product offerings include:

Beyond the Coldfest and Camcrisper containers, Cambro even has a soak and brine tank for commercial restaurant use.

Keep it Clean in the War Against Germs: Food Safety and Hygiene

It’s not all about convenience and efficiency. Cambro containers also play a crucial role in maintaining food hygiene. They help minimize cross-contamination and bacteria risks, making them compliant with health codes.

Cambro: The Crème de la Crème of Food Storage

When it comes to commercial food storage, Cambro is the leader of the pack. Investing in these containers might seem like a big upfront cost, but the long-term value is unbeatable. These containers are designed to last, so you won’t have to worry about replacements anytime soon. Investing in quality will save you money over time, compared to investing in less expensive (and less durable) products to keep money in the short-term.

If you’re on a budget, start with a smaller collection of containers to cover your most immediate needs – then add to it as you grow. Expect to spend more on larger capacity containers, but don’t buy larger ones if you know your inventory needs mean that it will always sit half full.

The Cambro container is a definite unsung hero of the kitchen. Whether you’re a foodservice operator working in professional kitchens or a home cook, these containers are a real game-changer.

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